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27 July 2025 @ 04:29 pm
Welcome to my page!!!

Banner art courtesy of art_of_clarity

This will be a open journal for the most part with some my creative entries (stories,pictures, video etc) open for viewing for a limited time before they become locked. Personal entries WILL ALWAYS BE LOCKED. So if you want to read please comment to be added as a friend. Thanks for visiting!

Hola, me llamo es Nikki (Hello, my name is Nikki)
This is my humble LiveJournal Blog. It may not be much but please stop by and stay a while.
A little bit about me:
I am an Aquarius <3
I live in United States, but wouldn't mind living in PUERTO RICO, JAPAN, SPAIN
My fantasy/dream is to travel the world and experience first hand the awesome cultures that exist in this world.
So far, the furthest South I have been is Orlando, FL and the furthest north has been Windsor Canada
My Passion and weakness is KAT-TUN which Koki Tanaka being my ultimate fantasy right now (Oye! A girl can dream cannot she) and my shame is devouring fan fiction for said group
I also love to write and I have a habit of talking way to much, so Gomen, Lo Siento, sorry if I ramble on with my posts.
If I am not listening to Ayumi Hamasaki, KAT-TUN, Koki Tanaka, Jin Akanishi, DBSK, SuperJurnior or Yamapi...I am listening to Daddy Yankee, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Wisin Y Yandel or Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Maroon5...or I am reading a book or watching one of my many DVDs

I think I will stop there and if you want to know more about me please ask...I won't bite, ne!!

Koki Tanaka Rock!!!! <3<3<3


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I wanted to say thank you so much to TwinkleProjects on for the banner!
(Oh by the way if you go on AFF I am listed as UsagiGirl11)

Cast of Characters:

Maria Ortiz                                 Kazuya Kamenishi

 black and white model Pictures, Images and Photoskazuya kamenashi Pictures, Images and Photos

Koki Tanaka                                     Jin Akanishi

koki tanaka Pictures, Images and Photos  Jin Akanishi Pictures, Images and Photos

Disclaimer: Although, some of the character(s) are based on living person(s),I have no association with them or their mangament company Johnny's Entertainment. A resemblance to  situations, person(s) living or dead, is purely coincedential.

As should be obvious now this is a : Tanaka x OC & girl!Kame x Jin storyline

It All Started One Night: Part One (NC-17)  /Part two (G) / Part Three (G)/Part Four(G)/Part five [NC-17]/Part Six [NC-17]Part Seven (R)/Part Eight(G)/Part Nine (pg-13)/Part Ten (R-NC17)/Part Eleven (R-NC17)/Part Twelve (Pg)/Part Thirteen (NC17)/Part Fourteen (NC17)/Part Fifteen (NC17)/ Part Sixteen(PG)/Part Seventeen (PG)[END]

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Title: Con Todo Mi Corazon (With All My Heart)

Credits for the lame-o banner: nikkimattei (me)

Genre: Romance/Family Drama

Author: NikkiMattei

Disclaimer: Own none of the JE Idols or associated with them in any way (only in my own loopy mind.)

Summary: Lolita Rodriguez is an American Girl attempting to live the American Dream and to be honest she is not sure what that truly encompasses. Her current career that pays the bills is as a stylist for several local regional lifestyle magazines in the Miami-Dade County of Miami, Florida U.S.A. Out of the blue her agent offers her the chance of a lifetime to work for the mega idol producing company of Johnny’s Entertainment located in Tokyo, Japan. Unfortunately Japan is the last country in the world that Lolita wants to travel to, let alone work and live in. With the encouragement of her best friend, Tricia, Lolita dares to seize this chance of a lifetime and in the end must face the emotional and very personal demons that have haunted her entire life and in the process truly discover who she is and what she is made of and in the process experience a love she never anticipated.

Track/Chapter 1:Part A/Part B/Part C
Track/Chapter 2:Part A/Part B/Part C
Track/Chapter 3:Part A/ Part B /Part C /Part D
Track/Chapter 4:Part A /Part B /Part C /Part D /Part E
Track/Chapter 5:Part A /Part B/Part C /Part D
Track/Chapter 6:Part A /Part B /Part C
Track/Chapter 7:(Part A)(Part B)(Part C)(Part D)(Part E)(PartF)
Interlude 1: Missing you
Track/Chapter 8: Part A/ Part B/ Part C/ Part D/Part E /Part F/Part G /
Track/Chapter 9:Part A/Part B/Part C/Part D
Track/Chapter 10: Part A
Track/Chapter 11: Part A /Part B /Part C
Interlude 2: Love grows in the shadows
Track/Chapter 12: Part A/ Part B / Part C
Track/Chapter 13: Part A
Track/Chapter 14: Part A
Track/Chapter 15: Part A /Part B/Part C /Part D
Track/Chapter 16: おなじみの見知らぬ人 (Familiar Strangers)

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Title: Heaven's Child
Rating: PG-PG13 (for thematic Themes)
Genre: Martial Arts fantasy, Romance, Intrigue
NonBETA {Cannot stress that enough}

Summary: A young girl facing insurmountable circumstance , takes her life into her hand with fate leading her to fulfill the destiny that she must have the courage to claim....

Very vague I know, not good with summaries.

Warnings: Violence

Prologue/Chapter 1:Here
Chapter 2:Part A/Part B
Chapter 3:Here
Chapter 4 A Past Revealed:Here
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Characters: Koki Tanaka, Maria Ortiz (OC), Jin Akanishi, and Kazuya Kamenishi
Special Appearences: Ryo, Tatsuya, Yuichi  and possibility of others
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Genderswitch (Girl!Kame)
Warnings: PG-NC17
Synopsis: We last left our romantic heroines at the Los Angeles International Airport sending off the men that they loved back to their mother country of Japan; But all is not finished...a lot to come. After all Maria and Koki aren't married yet and how will Maria adjust to the strange and wonderful world that is Nihon (Japan). New situations , some sometimes hilarious other time mortifying (with most of those situations surround the hilarious couple of AKAME) but will be worth the read.

Chapter 1/ Chapter 2/ Chapter 3/ Chapter 4/Chapter 5/ Chapter 6/ Chapter 7/ Chapter 8/ Chapter 9/ Chapter 10/ Chapter 11/ Chapter 12/ Chapter 13/Chapter 14/ Chapter 15/ Chapter 16/ Chapter 17/ Chapter 18/ Chapter 19/ Chapter 20....

The next generation in the story...
Side Shot: Will You Love Me? [Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four] [Part Five] Completed #TANAKAAKANISIHILOVE
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Title (curently): Seiko vs Horikoshi
Characters: Ryo Nishikdo, Aya Ueto,Tatsuya Ueda, Koki Tanaka, Yuichi Nakamura, Junno Taguchi, Kazuya Kamenishi and Jin Akanishi
Warnings: Genderswitch
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama. High School

There are many love triangles and love squares in this teenage drama: Ryo x Aya, Ryo x Tatsuya, Tatsuya x Junno, Koki x Yuichi, Koki x Kazuya (friendship) Jin x Kazuya

The male characters all attended (or once attended) the all boys High School: Horikoshi High School

The female characters all attend the all girls High School: Seiko High School

The girls

Kazuya Kamenashi (female) 17 years old (K)

New transfer student in the last year of high school

Super sweet nice and smart; dedicated to her studies

A cheerleader

Favorite subjects are music and dance

Works as a assistant at a dance studio

Best friends with Koki Tanaka

Tatsuya Ueda 17 years old (U)

Ultra princess that comes from a well off upper class family

Is a fashionista that loves clothes and makeup

Her ex-boyfriend is Ryo (20)

Yuichi Nakamaru 17 years old (N)

A star basketball player, tall and thin

Studious and loves animals and nature

Not sure what she wants to do for college and career

Helps out her dad at his welding shop as much as she can

Special hidden talent: Beat Boxing

The boys

Koki Tanaka 17 years old (T)

Lives in a neighborhood close by Yuichi

Goes to a all boys school with Jin and Junnosuke (on a scholarship)

Wants to become a veterinarian

Works with his dad at his Ramen shop in the neighborhood

Best friends with Kazuya Kameneshi

Junnosuke Taguchi 17 years old (T)

The resident comedian of the group whose standard method of comedy are bad puns

Comes from a well to do family like Tatsuya, actually Junno and Tatsuya fathers are life long enemies

Is being groomed to become his father’s successor

Is very loving

Best Friend is Jin Akanishi

Jin Akanishi 17 years old (A)

Also from a well to do family

The star soccer player, has aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player

Favorite subjects are music and English

Tolerates his best friend Junnosuke Taguchi

A/N I want to say that the awesome female versions of Kame, Tatsuya and Yuichi are from the awesomely talented snow_guardian Snowy, I hope you don't mind me using your pictures for inspiration for my new story!!

Chapter: 1/2/3/4/5/6 [UPDATED 7/4/2014]/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/29/30/31/32/33/34/35/36/37/38/39/40

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I had originally answered this from kamenajin  live journal...So please answer its a fun way to get to know peoples.

quizCollapse )

I got this from kamenajin  who got it from babe_pig & kawaii_kame 
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01 November 2014 @ 03:12 am
The next Monday morning….                              
The kids have to take the bus, which annoys Rico because he prefers taking his car but his and Osvaldo’s car are both at the repair shop for various repair/maintenance purposes. Lia’s the only one who does not have a car thus they had to ride the city bus. Rico does not really mind not having his car since he had his bike. Because both he and Osvaldo had motorbikes as well, he was confused as to why they were taking the city bus to school. Osvaldo had insisted that they had to take the bus and not their bikes.
When the bus reached their school’s they disembark. Osvaldo signals to Rico to hold back and let Lia exit the bus first when Lia is far enough away he whispers quickly in Rico’s ear. After a minute, they share a look with smiles on their faces. The move to catch up with their little sister. Lia, who is in her own world, fails to notice a strange glint in her brothers’ eyes. The glint alludes to something that says something bold is about to happen. However, Lia does not realize this and maybe she should not.
Getting off on the bus, Lia starts walking in the direction of to her homeroom. As she walks, she wonders what she should expect from her classmates. She cannot help but to think about Yukio, wondering what will happen when she sees him. She could only avoid him to for so long. Maybe she could avoid seeing him for the rest of the year. Maybe. Not. Taking the bus they were entering the main entrance of the campus instead of the back. This was where 95% of the student body meets at the beginning of the school day. Since her brother had cars they were part of the very small group of students that drove to school and parked in the back, so they never waded through the gaggle of students that mulled around until the morning bell rung. Moreover, Lia was worried about the whispers and the stares she would get this morning. After all Friday’s events were fresh on every one’s minds.
            Valentine’s was over and maybe some new teenage scandal would occur to make her the forgotten topic of the week. That was her only hope. As she walks to her homeroom Lia begins to notice that everyone is stopping to stare at her as she passes them and then they began to furiously whisper to each other behind their gloved hands. Lia takes all this in, yet she continues to walk, picking up her pace. Lia no longer lingers in her stride. Inwardly she signs. It was already shaping up to be a long ass day.  Nearing the school’s gate, she notices that other students are looking to her immediate right with happy smiles on their faces.
Wondering what is making everyone smile as if they are loopy, she pressed forward. Passing through the gate, she looks to the right to view what she fellow classmates are seeing. However, as soon as Lia looks in that direction, a pair of arms grabs her, pulling her away and she found herself being pressed against the brick wall with a pair of soft lips pressing against her own.
           This is her first kiss and she does not know what to do. Who was this kissing her anyway?  Focusing her eyes, she takes in the long lashes that framed the closed eyes and the strong eyebrows. She knew those eyes and eyebrows anywhere. Before she could think any further her brain registered the loud gasps of the all the students around them. Suddenly very conscious of where they were Lia gathers her strength pushing the one person who would dare to steal her first kiss. Coincidentally, he is the only person she every wanted to kiss, but she was not about to think about that now.
Lia’s eyes remained widen in shocked as the kissing thief comes more into focus as he continues to stands intimately next to her. His hands are still holding her slim hips possessively in place, in his personal space as if she belonged there, tucked to his side.
“You?! Why did you do that to me Akanishi Yukio?!” Lia asks and then glares at Yukio.  It is no wonder the students’ smiles look so loopy, because Yukio was the one they have been staring at. Instead of being intimated by Lia’s glare, Yukio cockily smiles showing the patented Akanishi grin that has gotten his father and himself inside plenty of panties, “Proving myself to you.”
“Proving what?” Lia asks a little dumbly. She is flustered, as she was not expecting to run into Yukio this soon in the day, if ever.
“Yes proving myself. I’ll have to make you understand that what I told you Friday night is true and I really sincerely mean it.” Yukio confidently proclaims.
“Friday night?” Lia asks. Then it hits her. She remembers Yukio’s own confession on her balcony that rainy night.
The crowd around them does not disperse, if anything it has gotten much larger. Ah, geez, this is just great! I will never live this down. Lia thinks. Even though what Yukio say is what her heart wants to hear up until now her love life has never went the way she wants it too and she wasn’t expecting it to start now.
“Yes, Friday night. I confessed to you, I said I am in love with you…” another round of loud gasps from the students and a “ WHAT THE FUCK!!” from Rico and Osvaldo who had seen the crowd and had come to see what the commotion was about. In actuality, they knew what Yukio was up to be they still had no idea that Yukio had spoken to Lia that Friday night.
Lia and Yukio ignore it because they only had eyes for each. “You didn’t believe me because you thought I was just trying to save my ass form being handed to me by you brothers. So the only thing I can do is make you believe that I am telling the truth.”
Lia is still thinking that Yukio is just playing with her and she begins to get even more apprehensive with all the dozens of eyes that are staring at her. Some are outright hostile glares from the female student body.
“Ha! Ha! It’s not even April Fool yet. Stop pranking Yukio. It’s not funny.” Lia said in an angry tone.
Yukio does not care if Lia gets mad. Not really, he does not want to see her mad but he has plans.  Of course, he is sad that Lia still thinks that he is just pranking or trying to avoid a beat down. Yukio had already resolved to the idea that either way he was going to get a whipping from the Tanaka brothers. Well, Rico had already given him one but he was positive that Rico was more than willing to give him another one. However, it was more important that he prove himself to Lia. The determination to do so heightens at the current odds that he faces.
Holding onto Lia’s shoulders, he firmly looks her straight in the eyes, “Lia, you said it yourself. April Fool’s is not even here yet, why do you think I am still saying that I love you?” Yukio asks.
“I don’t know.” Lia bites her bottom lip in confusion. Yukio’s eyes follow the action and he can feel a fluttering in his stomach that quickly turns to desire. “Maybe to play with my feelings…” Lia says.
Yukio frowns. “You should know that I am not the type to play around when it comes to feelings Lia.” Yukio says, “Just like I should have known that neither do you. I just never allowed myself to imagine that you felt the same way that I have for the past two years.”
            Lia knows that this is true. Though Yukio is the school’s heartthrob, he never once plays with someone’s hearts. She never heard Yukio ever really dating anyone, yeah she had heard about his one-night hook ups, which always tore her up inside but he never once said he loved anyone. Then her brain registers what he has said. I never imagined that you felt the same way that I have for the past two years.

Lia does not answer. At that moment, she has lost all of her speech abilities and brain function. Yukio has been in love with me for two years?! Yukio takes Lia’s right hand and place it on top of his chest, resting her palm over his heart. The moment that Lia’s hand feels the steady rhythm that races just a bit Lia’s eyes widens again. Yukio sees the reaction and with a small smile, he speaks.
“See, it beats fasts. My heart always beats this fast whenever you are near. Even though you are just in front of me and I am holding your hand, it beats faster than usual. This is what you do to me, Nathalia. It’s not Valentine’s Day nor White Day or heaven help me April Fool’s Day and even though I know I have no right to say this after the way I have hurt you, yet I have to say this before I explode or I lose this chance and lose my nerve. I fell in love with our hard working and responsible 2nd year class VP who loves to watch soccer and who never fails to watch the school’s team, the girl who fiercely loves the people around her. Who shares her smiles with anyone who needs them. I fell in love with the way you naturally dance everywhere you go, because your feet cannot deny the Latin blood that flows through you. I love how smart you are and how you are not afraid to show it to the chagrin of the people in your class. I love the sparkle in your eyes, the tinkle in your laugh, the warmth of your hugs and the unselfishness of your heart...” Yukio proclaims, his eyes never leaving Lia’s.
Lia’s knees began to quake. Did he just say that in front of the entire school? Was she still in her bed dreaming all this? She cannot believe what Yukio is saying! Yet, Yukio’s words and his voice are sincere. There is no wavering in his tone or his eyes. She can literally feel his sincerity. It is there in his eyes. Then Yukio’s next words were the last straw.
“I love you Lia. I really do. Just tell me what else I need to do to make you believe that I am really in love with you.” Yukio confessed. “I have thought and thought yet I know to do nothing more than lay it all out for you.  This is me baring my heart and soul to you…”
Lia, together with the other students, sense the sincerity of Yukio’s confession. Yukio’s determination to do anything just to make her believe him overwhelms them. Lia did not know what to say. Her heart wants to burst she is so happy. Can someone die from being so happy? Yukio returns her feelings. She is happy, no, she is ecstatic! Her heart tells her to believe Yukio and she does. Oh, God help her, she really does.
“Y-Yukio… I… Really?…Yukio…”Lia did not know what to say. Feelings of joy surge through her body and they manifest themselves into large fat tears that fall from her eyes unashamedly. Yukio hearing how Lia calls him smiles, and then panics when he sees her tears. Cupping her face between his hands, he gently wipes away her tears with his thumbs. Moving in closer he pulls her into his embrace hugging her to his chest.
“Please, don’t cry. I didn’t mean to make you upset. Shush, please don’t cry.” Yukio asks of her as he buries his face in her hair, tears flooding his eyes at the thought of hurting her. His father words running through his mind. Son, from now on, you must remember you always have to protect the one’s you love and never make them cry in pain…
“I am not mad...I’m so happy. You really like me?” There was still a little uncertainty there just underneath her words.
           “Silly girl. I think we need to have your ears checked. I never said I liked you…I said I LOVE you.”
            Lia blushes then laughs at herself. “I think you already know this…, but I love you too.” Yukio hugs her more tightly.
“Yukio!” Lia exclaimed, “I can’t breathe”
“Oh! Sorry!” He lets her go and looks shyly at her.
“Hey! No use in getting shy now after all that!” Risa shouts.
The two of them break apart suddenly remembering that they have an audience of classmates who have raptly watched their exchange.  Lia looks over at her best friend who has been ecstatically recording the whole thing on her cell phone, than her eyes float to her brothers who smile at her and give her a thumb up and then mime to Yukio that they still have their eyes on him.
The other students are still shocked on what just happened. The school’s soccer captain, the heartthrob of International High is now in a relationship with his best friend’s kid sister. Hopes were dashed, hearts bruised that there was no longer a chance for them to win Yukio’s heart because from the way he was hanging on to Lia, it is obvious that he is pretty much in love with her. Like, really in love with her.
           Feeling down about it, the female students start going their own way slowly dispersing, heading to their respective classroom leaving the new couple alone. Yukio and Lia remain where they are hugging each other. Then, the bell ring, indicating classes are about to start.
“Uhm, Yukio, it’s time for class.” Lia says.
“Do we really have to go Lia?” Yukio asks her as he nuzzles his face in Lia’s neck. By that gesture, Lia finds out that her boyfriend loves cuddling and that given the opportunity he gets clingy. I think I am going to like being Yukio’s girl.
“Yes we really need to go. As you have said, I am the hardworking, responsible 2nd year class Vice President. I should set an example.” Lia teased.
Yukio reluctantly pulls away and then he looks at her pouting. “How about taking a break from being a hardworking and responsible class vice president for today?” Yukio asks.
Lia laughs and shakes her head. “Let’s go Yukio.” Lia said.
Yukio does not want to move but when Lia said the word please, he immediately gives in. Of course seeing the lips saying the word please in such a tone rose up very naughty images in his head of what, he hopes, in the future she would want him to do to her. He mentally shakes his head. It was too soon to be thinking of that.
Therefore, keeping his libido in check, they both walk towards the direction of the main building where their classrooms are and when it is time for them to separate, Yukio gives her the sweetest kiss a girl can ask for thus cementing that Yukio would be on her mind all day.


Though some of the female student body is disappointed that their resident heartthrob Yukio is no longer single seeing him and Lia together they can tell that they are perfect for each other. Therefore, they let them be and teased them throughout the remainder of the day. In addition, to their surprise Lia blushes red as a tomato at being teased. Her classmates for the first time see Lia blushing and they all find her cute and adorable like that, making them squeal and declare that she’s cute and the male students develop instant crushes on her.
           They soon found out that Yukio is the possessive type (like his father Jin) because he suddenly wraps his arms around his flustered girlfriend declaring that no one should see her blush except him! They just all laugh at Yukio’s possessiveness and enjoy seeing a different expression on their class vice president’s face. After a couple of minutes, they separate and head to their respective homerooms.
As they listen to their teacher’s lessons both Lia and Yukio cannot help but to smile all throughout the whole day. They cannot help it. They are supper happy. Hours passed as their classes continue and when the bell rings, signaling for the end of class for that day, everyone cheered. Another day of academic stress has ended.
Lia and Yukio’s classmates teased them again before they all left the school grounds one by one. Yukio arrived at Lia’s locker with Osvaldo and Rico in tow. Risa was chatting with Lia when they walk up. Upon seeing one another, they could not help but smile. Lia was sure when she went to sleep tonight she would be having facial cramps from all the smiling she was doing.
“So…” They both say at the same time. They look at each other and then laughs. Risa, Rico and Ossie just roll their eyes at their sugar sweetness.
“You first.” Lia said.
“No, Lia you first.” Yukio insist.
Lia who did not want to argue anymore speaks. “The Student Council has a meeting today.” She informed Yukio. 
Yukio nods. Osvaldo had mentioned that as they had left class for today but he likes the fact that Lia is telling him such information as if he was a person that was important to her. At least her tone implied that.
“The team has another meeting today too.” Yukio said. Lia nods and then they both just stare at one another.
“Let’s go home together. I will wait for you or you wait for me. No matter what happens let’s go home together.” Yukio said. Hearing the finality in Yukio’s voice, Lia could only nod. Beside she likes the idea of it.
“AWWW! Aren’t they sweet! I want to vomit!” Risa says breaking the mood a little.
“Total nausea! Get a room! Wait! I did NOT say that!” Rico said.
“Touch her; you lose a hand or two!” Ossie added.
“Shut UP!” Lia says, blushing for the 100th time today. “See you later Yukio.” Lia said and then she and Osvaldo start walking down the hall to the Student Council room.
Before Lia could walk very far Yukio grab her hand and pulls her back towards him and then…
“Wait Lia.” Yukio said. At that moment, Lia faces Yukio, she finds herself being hugged, and then felt soft, warm lips cover her’s. The kiss was nothing like the one they shared earlier that morning. This time it was not hurried. Yukio takes his time kissing Lia, softly moving his lips over Lia’s plump ones, tasting the lips that he has been craving to taste since forever. Proving to him that he is right, that her lips are the sweetest he will ever taste. Her taste is addictive. He softly nibbles on them, giving soft licks and then bites softly asking for entrance and Lia gladly opens up for him. As soon as he is granted entrance, he explores the sweet cavern and asks himself if this what heaven tastes like.
Lia let Yukio kiss him. She lets Yukio set the pace of their kiss. She gladly lets him lead her copying the technique that he is teaching her; a sweet and slow kiss. Both take the time to explore each other’s addicting lips.  If Yukio thinks Lia’s lips are heaven, Lia feels like she is in heaven. She never imagined, okay she has imagined, what his kiss would feel like but she never would have thought that this day would come especially after how Valentine’s Day went down.
They continue to kiss and their kiss starts to intensify. Yukio pulls Lia closer to him and he wraps his arms on the other’s waist tightly as Lia put his arm on Yukio’s neck for more contact.
They are both slowly getting lost in their kiss; they keep on kissing when suddenly they both get startled when they heard the final dismissal bell rings.
Startled, Lia breaks off the kiss. She blushes when she realizes that she just made out with Yukio. Well there is nothing wrong with making out with your own boyfriend but still she feels shy. She may be a serious person but when it comes to personal things, like romance, she is the super shy girl.
Yukio on the other hand lets out a disappointed grunt annoyed by the interruption. However, when he saw Lia’s blushing face. He cannot help but to smile. Lia is really cute and adorable.
“I… uh… I need to go now… meeting.” Lia said shyly as she stares at everywhere but at Yukio or her family who are watching them.
Yukio grins at the gesture. No one would believe that the sassy Nathalia Tanaka would act this way but then since he has been watching Lia her whole life, he knows that the gesture and expression that he sees is the real Lia. Yukio then lift Lia’s chin, making her face him.
“I’ll see you later Lia.” Yukio said. Lia blushes another shade of red and she just nods at him. With that, Lia then finally leaves to attend her meeting. Before that she make sure that she is back to her normal composed self. Yukio proceeds to his team’s meeting with a grin plastered on his lips.

After an hour, Yukio’s team meeting finally ends. Their coach is the first to leave but his teammates remain for the sole purpose of teasing their captain. Apparently, Yukio’s teammates had all been there that morning to witness his confession to Lia. Then there was the fact that the hot topic of the day was that morning’s event. Even the teachers know about what happened between the soccer team’s captain and his best friends’ sister.
They all congratulate him and tease their captain for finally getting a girlfriend. “Now we know why you never dated the girls that are always trying to make a move on you…,”says one of his teammates. Yukio just grins at him. Then someone speaks again. “I remember one time, when we were playing for the inter-school tournament. He keeps on looking on the bench where Nathalia was sitting. Could it be that our captain’s was checking her out even then?”
Yukio remembering that particular match laughs. Of course, he will never forget about that game. It was an inter-school tournament and they are playing on the opponent’s team’s field giving the other team a home court advantage. However, a large group of his classmates arrives at the field to give their full support and Lia was with them.
He was so happy that he cannot help but to take a glance to where Lia sits whenever he has the chance. He could not help it. He is happy that his beloved is watching him play, okay watching her brother and the team play. He remembers how good he feels and how he scores many goals that day.
“Now that we know the real deal. The reason behind all those field goals was to show out in front of Nathalia!”
“It is.” Another teammate agrees. They all look at Yukio and Yukio continues to laugh. There was no way he could deny that. Neither did he want to. They are all having fun when suddenly the door of their club office burst open and then they heard a menacing voice.
“Where the hell is Akanishi Yukio?!”


Yukio and the rest of his teammate’s eyes widen at the sight of the man that has walked into the team’s locker room. He seems to fill the room with his presence without really trying. He has a muscular frame and appears to look like he was in his early 40s. His hair was full and thick and pulled into a short ponytail. He is dressed in a business suit; however, he was not wearing a suit jacket. His light lilac purple dress shirt with a matching tie drew attention to the healthy glow of his tanned skin. The shirt sleeves where rolled up revealing the sinewy bulky muscles of his forearms, testifying that the man is dedicated to his exercise regimen. On his arms, the teenagers could clearly see the intricate tattoos going up the right arm. He looked like the Yakuza men that their parents were always telling them to stay away from and that they watched in those movies.
The teenagers stare, unmoving, in shock. The obvious reason is because of the angry words of the mystery person and because of this person’s physical appearance. The person who is looking for Yukio is probably one the scariest people they have ever seen.
Yukio on the other hand was shock because he knows perfectly well who this person is and he suddenly feels like death is right in front of him. There was only one other person who knew exactly who this man was and that is Rico.
Rico walks through his teammates and stands in front of his father. The guys just continue to stare.
“Hey, dad! What are doing here?” Rico sensed the surprise running through their teammates. They knew that his father was a seriously wealthy businessperson but Rico knows that they did not expect his dad to look like he did. Rico has gotten use to the reaction and actually finds it amusing…most of the time.
            “What? I am here to have a talk with Yukio. Where is he?” Koki asks in a slightly menacing tone that Rico knew was more for show then an actual indication of harm. Rico knew this because there was no look of murder in his eyes. He had only seen that look once and the person that it had been directed at had deserved it.
            Yukio and Rico’s teammates are indeed surprised. However, their memories flip though their brains and they remember seeing this man off to the sidelines during their games and now the reason why he was there was to watch his son play at his soccer matches.
Yukio finally snaps out of his shock and takes a deep breath before he speaks. “Uncle, here I am.” Yukio bravely says, bowing deeply in greeting. “How are you today, sir?”
“Hello Yukio-kun. I came to have a man to man talk with you.” Koki say. “I need to talk your captain. Leave us alone.” Koki commands.
Yukio’s teammates stare at Koki and then at Yukio. Of course, they did not want to leave their captain alone but there is something about Koki’s tone that did not allow for any disobedience, whatsoever. They cannot help but to sweat and feel nervous and scared. A sudden chill runs through their spines when Koki gave them an evil look.
           They look at Yukio and are surprised when he says, “It’s alright guys. I’ll be fine. You can leave now. Our meeting’s over after all.” Yukio says calmly. Yukio’s demeanor has changed. He does not look scared or worried now, but calm and collected and up for whatever challenge he needs to face right now. Yukio’s eyes are hard as well, not in a disrespectful way but in an “I have nothing to hide from” way. At that moment, Rico felt a bubble of admiration grow for his friend. He, most of all, knew how intimidating his father could be and for Yukio to face him so calmly and adult like said a lot about Yukio.
‘Let’s see if you can still be calm later.’ Koki says to himself.
‘He’s so calm. He is not scared at all. Amazing!’ Rico thinks.
“But captain…” Yukio’s teammates try to protest. Though they are scared, they cannot just leave their captain all alone. Nevertheless, Yukio gives them a look that assures them that he will be okay. Therefore, with that they comply with their captain’s wish.
As soon as Yukio’s teammates leave the room, Koki hauls Yukio by the scuff of his neck and makes him sit on a bench as he towers over him. Suddenly, it really turned into a Yakuza interrogation. Yukio remains silent during this silent exchange of looks that pass between the two of them. After a couple of minutes, Koki slightly hikes of his trousers and seats on a bench across from Yukio. There is still no exchange of words but intense electrically charges flow around them.
“You know, I’ll kill you for making my daughter cry last Friday.” Koki starts finally breaking the silence between the two.
Hearing the word cry and Lia spoken in the same breath, Yukio feels a pang on his heart. He had made Lia cry that day. Having that confirmed again, he just wants to punch himself now. “I… I didn’t know…I never knew she really felt that way about me,” Yukio could only say.
“You didn’t know?! And you laughed at her feelings! You thought my baby was just kidding huh?! How stupid can you get Yukio?!” Koki yelled angrily.
Koki’s feelings are already resurfacing. His fatherly protective instincts are clearly showing. Once Koki starts, he is never going to stop. “We will put that aside for just a second because now I want to know what you feel for her and I suggest you say something really good one because I am NOT feeling nice at all today. Today is Judgment day…”
Yukio’s eyes widen.
“So, little boy…answer me. What are your real feelings towards Lia-chan?” Koki asks.
           Yukio look directly in Koki’s eyes and with an honest and serious expression, he says…“I am in love with her.”
Koki stares at him, assessing him. “You’re in love with her?” Koki asks.
“I am.” Yukio replied with conviction. Koki is surprised hearing that. However, he is glad but then he wonders if Yukio is telling the truth.
“How can I be sure that you’re telling the truth and not just saying that to save your life?” They continue to stare at each other for a minute, both of their bodies tense.
“My words will not be enough nor should they be enough to prove how much I love Lia…” If Koki notices the fond tone that Yukio uses when he speaks Lia’s nickname he does not say anything and lets him continue. “But I do really love your daughter and I’m willing to do anything just to prove how much I love her. How much I will always love her. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.” Yukio said honestly.
Yukio is more than aware that he is just 18 and people might say that he is too young to fall this deep in love. Yet, if Yukio knows anything, its how he feels about his feelings for Lia. This is his life and it is his heart, which at stake. He knows that Lia is the only one for him. His heart tells him so and so he will do everything in his power not to lose her.
Yukio looks at Koki head on with a sure look on his face. He is dead serious and sincere. There is no trace of nervousness in him. Somehow, Koki manages to hide his smile.
“Tell me how did you fell in love with my daughter?” Koki asks in a softer tone.
Yukio, hearing the softness in Koki’s voice, smiles. He knows that deep inside Lia’s father believes him. Taking a deep breath once again, Yukio begins. “It all started when…” Yukio opens by telling him about that day when he began to notice Lia more as a girl then as a little sister and how his feeling slowly developed over the years until he knew without a doubt that he had fallen deeply in love.
Koki listens to him, they even share a laugh at Yukio’s antics on how he always speaks louder when he is telling a story so that he will get Lia’s attention or try to show out when he plays soccer. Time passes and Koki is now sure that Yukio is indeed in love with Nathalia. Yukio has also told him that he and Lia have already talked that morning and that they already confessed to each other and they are officially going out. 
Koki, although he is very happy that his daughter’s feeling are being returned, he doesn’t like the term ‘going out’ to describe the turn in Lia and Yukio’s relationship. Yet as they continued to talk to each other and he listens to Yukio’s stories the two of them keep laughing together and bonding on a different level.
“You haven’t by any chance, kissed her yet? Have you?” Koki asks.
Yukio, seeming for a moment to have a death wish, did not answer. Instead, he just smiles at Koki and that is enough answer.
“Shit!” Koki begins to rub his chest as if he is having an episode of heartburn at that moment. “May I make a request?” Yukio nods. “You can kiss her…but that is all you are allowed to do. Your hands are to stay above her waist at all time…in fact your hands can only touch her waist. The upper part of her body and the lower part of her body are off limits. Do I make myself clear?”
Yukio grins. “Yes sir. I understand.”
“You’re too young to do anything but kiss!” Koki scolds Yukio. Koki then grab Yukio’s shoulder “But I want you to remember this. If I find out that you disobeyed me…I will feed your nuts to my dog, thus making sure that the Akanishi name ends with you. Understand?”
Yukio gulped at the absolute seriousness of Koki Tanaka’s tone. The man was dead serious.
“Y—Y—Yes sir…”
“DAD! Let go of him!”

Lia has been held up after her meeting a little longer than planned. They are all talking about a coming school festival and each one of them has different ideas. Having a lot of competitive class presidents with many ideas led to a huge debate on what they all were going to do. Honestly, Lia does not mind about the festival that much because at that moment all she wants is for the meeting to be over so that she could meet Yukio already.
When the meeting finally ends Lia quickly bids goodbye and hurriedly leaves the room. Osvaldo who can guess where his sister is heading just shakes his head as he watches her back turn a corner running towards the direction of the clubroom.
Just as Lia leaves his sight a classmate of Rico’s runs into the room. Quickly, sighting Ossie, he stops in front of him out of breath. “Senpai! Trouble!”
Osvaldo, who is putting his papers in his bag, looks over at the young man in confusion. “What’s going on?”
“Rico-kun sent me. Your dad is here! At the clubroom! He is meeting with Yukio alone right now…”
That was all Osvaldo needed to hear before he grabbed his bag and took off at a run towards the clubhouse cursing the whole way…he sincerely hoped that Yukio was still alive.


Obviously, Yukio is still in the clubroom with Koki when Lia happily and excitedly run towards it. When she reaches the soccer team’s clubroom, she is surprised to see Rico and his teammates outside the room looking scared and worried. Well, Rico does not look scared just slightly concerned. Scanning her eyes over the faces, she realizes that Yukio is not with them.
“Uhm… Rico did your meeting already end? Where is Yukio?” Lia asks.
Hearing Lia’s voice, Rico and the team turn in unison and look at her as if they just saw their savior.
“Lia, Lia please save our captain…” They all said in chorus.
“W-what? Did something happen to Yukio?” Lia asks worriedly.
“No…not really…Dad’s here…” Rico answers.
“Y-your dad came and is interrogating…” one of the team members said and then another rephrases his words.
“He is grilling our captain inside the room!” The other finishes the sentence.
“What? My Dad! Are you sure? My dad is here?” Lia asks disbelievingly.
“Yes, he had a scary evil look and he looks like the Yakuza.” Says yet another team member.
Hearing this there is no doubt and from the look on Rico’s face Lia knows it is true.
“Where are they?” Lia asks. The soccer team points in the direction of the clubroom. Lia nods and without thinking twice she opens the door and enters the room. Everyone else remains at the door.
The moment Lia enters the room the sight that greets her is with her father’s hands on Yukio’s shoulders and she suddenly thinks of bad things. Before she could think of anything else, the words leave her.
“Dad! Let go of him!”
Lia, Rico, Yukio and Osvaldo, who has just arrived, take in the scene that they now find themselves in. Lia moves so fast that Koki and Yukio could not even react as Lia suddenly appears in front of Koki and Yukio and without saying anything, she pries her father’s hands off Yukio’s shoulders.
“Lia.” Yukio says. Lia stands in front of Yukio, trying to be a shield from her father, her hands out from her sides as if to block her father from going around her to get to Yukio.
           Koki looks at Lia’s display amusingly, the corner of his lips curve into a smirk. He is reminded of a similar scene when his wife Maria tried to protect him from his own father.
“Don’t worry Yukio. Even though he is my dad, I won’t let him hurt you!” Lia said while looking pleadingly at her father to have mercy.
“Lia what are you saying?” Koki asks. “You sound as if I walk around dishing out bodily harm on a daily bases. Yukio and I were just having a nice talk.”
Koki says this rather nonchalantly as if he was not, just seconds before, threatening to feed Yukio’s family jewels to his dog for lunchmeat.
“Lia you don’t understand,” Yukio says. He does not want his Lia at odds with her father because of him and it was a slight misunderstanding. Yukio was not worried about Koki. He was not planning to give the elder Tanaka any reason to feed his nuts to Tanaka-san’s dog for any reason. To be honest Yukio knew that when the time came he would be doing the exact same thing to his daughter’s boyfriend. “You misunderstood Lia. Tanaka-san knows about our relationship and he approves.” Yukio said.
“Ehh?” Lia can only exclaim. He wasn’t killing Yukio?
           “I already told him about what happened. Everything’s settled now.” Yukio explains. Yukio gently places his hands on Lia’s shoulders, gently moves her out of the way, and slightly shields her, firmly holding her hand within his.
Koki observes this and marks another notch in Yukio’s favor. He always liked the boy but now he was seeing him in a different light and so far he liked what he was seeing.
“B-but your teammates said that my dad was interrogating you.” Lia said and then she looks at the door where Rico, Osvaldo, and the rest of the team are peeking. Yukio looks towards the door as well and gives his teammates a look of annoyance. The team immediately disperses into hiding.
“But dad had his hands on you. I… I thought he was hurting you or something.” Lia said.
After Lia’s statement and before Yukio could say something else Lia suddenly feels her father’s strong arms around her.
“Silly girl. Do you really think I could do that?” Koki asks Lia. Lia looks at Koki and then says…
“Yes.” She answers.
“Why you!” Koki exclaims. Then he whole-heartily bursts out laughing. “Smart girl. Well now, you have another male to spoil you now. Are you happy?” Koki asks sincerely looking into his daughter’s eyes.
“Si, papa.” A huge smile on Lia’s face.
“She’s spoiled enough as it is.” Ossie and Rico yell across the room.
“As it should be!” Yukio answers.
           Lia cannot help but to smile hearing that. Rico and Osvaldo cannot help but to feel glad hearing Yukio’s statement a well.
“Well that’s only what baby girl deserves.” Koki added. Yukio and Koki share another look wordlessly coming to an agreement.
Suddenly, they hear a voice coming from the door of the clubroom. “What are you all still doing here? Meeting is over. It is late. Go home now kids.”  It was Yukio’s coach. He forgot something in the clubroom that is why he returns. “Oh, Hello Tanaka-san! I wasn’t expecting to meet you here.”
Yukio with Lia, Rico and Osvaldo nod toward the coach and then started leaving the room.
“Coach Anh! Good to see you…I just wanted to meet you to see about donating some funds for the clubs upcoming tournament. Do you have a second?” Koki asked in his regular easygoing manner. Turning towards the kids before they exited, “Kids, I’ll see all of you at the house later okay?”


Yukio, Lia, Rico and Osvaldo all head towards the subway instead of the bus to go home. The ride home was filled with a lot of teasing. Osvaldo informed Yukio that his dad had just told him to come home with them for dinner, which the latter gladly accepted. Maria, their mother, was an awesome cook.
Of course, Rico teased Osvaldo about serving their now future brother-in-law his famous instant cook foods, which the latter defend. He said again that at least he knows how to cook compare to someone that only knows how to burn down the kitchen. Of course that lead to bickering and Lia apologizes for his brother’s behavior. Yukio just shrugs his shoulders, he was used to it; After all he had known them since forever.
When they reach a certain stop, instead of going straight to Lia’s house together with Rico and Osvaldo, Yukio suddenly remembers that he has an errand to run and tell them he will meet them at the house later. The three sibling nod at him and then they go their separate ways.
When Lia and her brothers arrive home Lia and Osvaldo greet their mother who has now made it home herself. They help  her prepare for their dinner while Rico goes straight to the bathroom to bath. Even though the Coach had only called a meeting, prior to that, there had been an impromptu practice and Rico needed the bath.
After a while, Osvaldo and Lia finished helping their mother cook dinner and they both took turns on taking a bath and then Kori and Maria took theirs. Within two hours they were all set for dinner. They stay at the living room while waiting for Yukio’s and Koki’s arrival.
They wait and wait and….
“Lia where is that boyfriend of yours? I am hungry, I want to eat now.” Rico rants.
“Where is your father? We had only just got back from the airport three hours or so ago and he told me he would be home right after his afternoon meeting.”
“He’s probably on his way.” Lia answered. Well she does not have an idea where Yukio is but she hopes that he is already on his way because really, her brother Rico does not want to wait. He wishes that her father and Yukio would arrive soon.
As if God heard her wish, the doorbell rings and they look at each other. “That’s Yukio.” Osvaldo said.
“Finally.” Rico remarks.
“I’ll open the door.” Lia said and then she quickly goes to the front door. She excitedly opens the door revealing her handsome soccer captain boyfriend, all refreshed and smiling.
“Good evening Lia.” Yukio greets her.
“Good evening Yukio.” Lia greeted back.
Yukio then quickly leans forward and takes a quirk peck on Lia’s lips. Lia blushes at the stolen kiss and Yukio grins at her. Lia just shake her head. She was already very addicted to Yukio’s kisses. “Come in Yukio.” Lia said.
Yukio nods but before he steps inside he stops and says… “Oh wait someone wants to meet you.” Yukio then says. Lia looks at Yukio confusedly.
“Ehh? Who?” Lia could only ask. She wonders who Yukio is talking about.
“Wait for me here.” Yukio says and Lia nods her agreement. Yukio does not take long before he returns. Looking at him curiously because it seems that Yukio is hiding something behind his back.
“Yukio?” Lia calls to him. Yukio just grins at her.
“Lia…she’s been missing you badly…” Yukio says.
“She? Who-“ Before Lia could finish her sentence Yukio presents to her the she that he’s been  talking about and seeing her Lia’s eyes widen and then her eyes starts to water. It has been six months but she will never forget her.
“Chococat~” Lia says, and as if knowing that she is the one being called to, Chococat meows recognizing Lia. Yukio smiles as he hands Chococat to Lia who gladly accepts her. She has grown quite a bit since the last time Lia saw her. Lia nuzzles the kitty’s little head. “I missed you. Where have you been?” Lia asks Choco as if the cat would answer but she does not care. Choco on the other hand nuzzles the first person that cares of her.
Lia, playing around in Choco’s fur, looks at Yukio. “How did you find her?” Lia asks, curiously.
Yukio rubs the back of his neck embarrassedly; there is faint blush on his cheeks.
“Uhm… you know that I’d been in love with you for a long time, right?” Yukio starts. Lia nods.
“Well…uhm… since this year is our last year together at school I’d been meaning to confessed to you so I…” Yukio paused. He is really getting embarrassed.
“Yukio?” Lia calls him again after he does not say anything after a minute or two.
“Since I’d been meaning to confessed, I was trying to find the right time to confess and you know… since we were friends and we’re classmates… whenever we didn’t have practice I…” Yukio paused again.
“Just tell me Yukio.” Lia demands. She is getting a little impatient.
“I followed you home and I saw when you found Chococat.” Yukio admitted. Lia blinks and blinks again and then it finally sinks in.
“Y-you followed me?” Lia asks. Yukio nods. “You knew about Chococat since the first day I found her?” Lia asks. Yukio nods again. “But…oh…I saw you feeding Chococat one day.” Lia remembers, she was late that day getting home and she had come across Yukio feeding Choco. She had been very glad to see Yukio with “her” cat getting along and that he was feeding her. She had no idea that had not been Yukio’s first meeting with her little furry friend.
“How did you find Choco? She suddenly disappeared and I thought someone had adopted her. Did you adopt her?” Lia cannot help but to ask.
“You remember that week that Typhoon Hiro hit? And all the rain that we had that week before he landed? Well, I had to buy something from the market that night on the way home from hanging with you guys. I saw Chococat wandering around in the rain. She was cold, scared and missing you that’s why she left the vacant lot. Choco’s just a baby and it’s raining buckets, someone from the small neighborhood next to yours didn’t see her and accidentally ran her over with their car.” Yukio explains.
Lia gasped hearing what happened to Chococat. She looks at Choco and yet she does not look like she has been through something so tragic. “What happened after that?” Lia asks.
“I called for help. The woman that had run over Chococat took me to the closest veterinarian. The veterinarian said that there was a 50/50 chance she was going to make it. I couldn’t tell you about Choco’s condition. I… I don’t want to see you cry. I’m sorry. But Choco has been strong and as the days goes by she has been feeling better. And she’s been discharged from the clinic just last week.” Yukio explains. “I’ve been taking care of her.
Lia, though she is a little mad that Yukio did not tell her about Choco’s condition, understands. “D-did you have a plan all ready to tell me about Choco?” She asks. Yukio nods.
“I’d been planning to return Choco to you after she recovered. I want you to see Chococat in her best condition.” Yukio said.
Lia nods. “Thank you Yukio. I… I can keep Choco right?”
“Of course. You’re her rightful owner.” Yukio said. Lia just gave him a confused look.
Yukio points to Choco’s collar.  Lia notices it for the first time and sees Choco’s name and on the back of the tag is her name and address as the owner of Chococat. Lia almost cries over that.
“Thank you Yukio. Really, thank you.” Yukio said.
“Don’t cry Lia. I don’t intend to make you cry and beside I’m willing to do anything for you.” Yukio said. Lia nods and then she smiles at him. They stare into each other’s eyes, mesmerized and then their faces are slowly getting closer and closer, with an intention for a kiss, but even before their lips touch each other’s a loud voice startles them.
“Hey you two, stop making out and let’s eat! I am hungry!” Rico exclaimed.
“Oni! We’re not making out!” Lia exclaims, embarrassed that they had been caught.
“Just get in here already.” Rico calls them.
Lia and Yukio have no choice but to postpone their kiss. Rico definitely knows how to ruin a moment. So, they just go inside the house with Choco.
When Yukio and Lia return to the living room, Osvaldo, Maria greets them. Rico scolds Yukio for being late. He jokes that he does not want a brother in law who does not know the meaning of punctuality. He hates latecomers.
Osvaldo just greets him, tells him to ignore Rico, and then mumbles under his breath that Rico would wait for Yukio’s sister all day and night if he had to. Rico blushes bright red at that before he attempted to drop kick his brother. Maria pulled the two of them apart and just shook her head as if to say ‘only her kids…’ It was then that they notice Choco in Lia’s arms and Lia explain that Choco was the kitty she has been meaning to adopt six months ago. Yukio has to repeat his story about Choco to make Rico, Osvaldo and Maria understand things.
It was during the re-telling that Koki arrived home and soon they were all sitting down to dinner. It was one of those special dinners where everyone was in a great mood, the food was fabulous and the conversation fun and highly entertaining.
And all Yukio and Nathalia could think was, Life is so good…

~~El fin~~

Author’s Note:
I hope that every one enjoyed this story and meeting the characters of Yukio and Nathalia and all the other characters in the story. I could not have written this story without the inspiration of a certain writer. Her name is Lhen and her Live Journal Screen name is KAMNAJIN. She was one of the first fan fiction writers I came across when I leaped into the world of fan fiction as an avid reader. She is one of the authors that inspired me to write. Her story that inspired this story “Fools in Love”. It is a HaeHyuk story. Yes, I am an ELF, as well as a HYPHEN, a BLACKJACK and a VIP. I loved take on teenage love and the whole idea of confession it in front of your whole class. True it is not a new concept but it started me thinking, would I ever do that? If I did, how would I do it? When would be a good time? Then I started on It Started One Night 2 and in the middle of it the kids of the main characters begin to speak to me. They could not wait to be born and tell their own story. Because they wanted their own moment, I had to come up with a situation for them. That is when I remembered Lhen’s story. It’s been many years since I was in high school yet through her story I remember what’s it is like to be insecure and like someone from afar and wonder what they would do if they only knew that you were maybe in love with them. Although there are some similarities between our stories, I really hope that I pulled a Shakespeare and created a story that is uniquely my own with its own voice and story to it.

This story is dedicated to Lhen and her amazing talent as a writer. Even though English is not her first language the attention to detail and conveying of emotion and the effort that she puts into her writing is admirable and is a level that I aspire to as a write. By taking a few liberties with her general idea, I sincerely hope that I have not demised that in any way or take anything away from her.
In addition, to all the writers out there continue to do your thing. You are inspiring more people then you realize.