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25 December 2013 @ 07:06 pm

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27 July 2025 @ 04:29 pm
Welcome to my page!!!

Banner art courtesy of art_of_clarity

This will be a open journal for the most part with some my creative entries (stories,pictures, video etc) open for viewing for a limited time before they become locked. Personal entries WILL ALWAYS BE LOCKED. So if you want to read please comment to be added as a friend. Thanks for visiting!

Hola, me llamo es Nikki (Hello, my name is Nikki)
This is my humble LiveJournal Blog. It may not be much but please stop by and stay a while.
A little bit about me:
I am an Aquarius <3
I live in United States, but wouldn't mind living in PUERTO RICO, JAPAN, SPAIN
My fantasy/dream is to travel the world and experience first hand the awesome cultures that exist in this world.
So far, the furthest South I have been is Orlando, FL and the furthest north has been Windsor Canada
My Passion and weakness is KAT-TUN which Koki Tanaka being my ultimate fantasy right now (Oye! A girl can dream cannot she) and my shame is devouring fan fiction for said group
I also love to write and I have a habit of talking way to much, so Gomen, Lo Siento, sorry if I ramble on with my posts.
If I am not listening to Ayumi Hamasaki, KAT-TUN, Koki Tanaka, Jin Akanishi, DBSK, SuperJurnior or Yamapi...I am listening to Daddy Yankee, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Wisin Y Yandel or Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Maroon5...or I am reading a book or watching one of my many DVDs

I think I will stop there and if you want to know more about me please ask...I won't bite, ne!!

Koki Tanaka Rock!!!! <3<3<3


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I wanted to say thank you so much to TwinkleProjects on for the banner!
(Oh by the way if you go on AFF I am listed as UsagiGirl11)

Cast of Characters:

Maria Ortiz                                 Kazuya Kamenishi

 black and white model Pictures, Images and Photoskazuya kamenashi Pictures, Images and Photos

Koki Tanaka                                     Jin Akanishi

koki tanaka Pictures, Images and Photos  Jin Akanishi Pictures, Images and Photos

Disclaimer: Although, some of the character(s) are based on living person(s),I have no association with them or their mangament company Johnny's Entertainment. A resemblance to  situations, person(s) living or dead, is purely coincedential.

As should be obvious now this is a : Tanaka x OC & girl!Kame x Jin storyline

It All Started One Night: Part One (NC-17)  /Part two (G) / Part Three (G)/Part Four(G)/Part five [NC-17]/Part Six [NC-17]Part Seven (R)/Part Eight(G)/Part Nine (pg-13)/Part Ten (R-NC17)/Part Eleven (R-NC17)/Part Twelve (Pg)/Part Thirteen (NC17)/Part Fourteen (NC17)/Part Fifteen (NC17)/ Part Sixteen(PG)/Part Seventeen (PG)[END]

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25 July 2025 @ 09:21 pm
Title: Con Todo Mi Corazon (With All My Heart)

Credits for the lame-o banner: nikkimattei (me)

Genre: Romance/Family Drama

Author: NikkiMattei

Disclaimer: Own none of the JE Idols or associated with them in any way (only in my own loopy mind.)

Summary: Lolita Rodriguez is an American Girl attempting to live the American Dream and to be honest she is not sure what that truly encompasses. Her current career that pays the bills is as a stylist for several local regional lifestyle magazines in the Miami-Dade County of Miami, Florida U.S.A. Out of the blue her agent offers her the chance of a lifetime to work for the mega idol producing company of Johnny’s Entertainment located in Tokyo, Japan. Unfortunately Japan is the last country in the world that Lolita wants to travel to, let alone work and live in. With the encouragement of her best friend, Tricia, Lolita dares to seize this chance of a lifetime and in the end must face the emotional and very personal demons that have haunted her entire life and in the process truly discover who she is and what she is made of and in the process experience a love she never anticipated.

Track/Chapter 1:Part A/Part B/Part C
Track/Chapter 2:Part A/Part B/Part C
Track/Chapter 3:Part A/ Part B /Part C /Part D
Track/Chapter 4:Part A /Part B /Part C /Part D /Part E
Track/Chapter 5:Part A /Part B/Part C /Part D
Track/Chapter 6:Part A /Part B /Part C
Track/Chapter 7:(Part A)(Part B)(Part C)(Part D)(Part E)(PartF)
Interlude 1: Missing you
Track/Chapter 8: Part A/ Part B/ Part C/ Part D/Part E /Part F/Part G /
Track/Chapter 9:Part A/Part B/Part C/Part D
Track/Chapter 10: Part A
Track/Chapter 11: Part A /Part B /Part C
Interlude 2: Love grows in the shadows
Track/Chapter 12: Part A/ Part B / Part C
Track/Chapter 13: Part A
Track/Chapter 14: Part A
Track/Chapter 15: Part A /Part B/Part C /Part D
Track/Chapter 16: おなじみの見知らぬ人 (Familiar Strangers)

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25 July 2025 @ 08:42 am

Title: Heaven's Child
Rating: PG-PG13 (for thematic Themes)
Genre: Martial Arts fantasy, Romance, Intrigue
NonBETA {Cannot stress that enough}

Summary: A young girl facing insurmountable circumstance , takes her life into her hand with fate leading her to fulfill the destiny that she must have the courage to claim....

Very vague I know, not good with summaries.

Warnings: Violence

Prologue/Chapter 1:Here
Chapter 2:Part A/Part B
Chapter 3:Here
Chapter 4 A Past Revealed:Here
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Characters: Koki Tanaka, Maria Ortiz (OC), Jin Akanishi, and Kazuya Kamenishi
Special Appearences: Ryo, Tatsuya, Yuichi  and possibility of others
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Genderswitch (Girl!Kame)
Warnings: PG-NC17
Synopsis: We last left our romantic heroines at the Los Angeles International Airport sending off the men that they loved back to their mother country of Japan; But all is not finished...a lot to come. After all Maria and Koki aren't married yet and how will Maria adjust to the strange and wonderful world that is Nihon (Japan). New situations , some sometimes hilarious other time mortifying (with most of those situations surround the hilarious couple of AKAME) but will be worth the read.

Chapter 1/ Chapter 2/ Chapter 3/ Chapter 4/Chapter 5/ Chapter 6/ Chapter 7/ Chapter 8/ Chapter 9/ Chapter 10/ Chapter 11/ Chapter 12/ Chapter 13/Chapter 14/ Chapter 15/ Chapter 16/ Chapter 17/ Chapter 18/ Chapter 19/ Chapter 20....

The next generation in the story...
Side Shot: Will You Love Me? [Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four] [Part Five] Completed #TANAKAAKANISIHILOVE
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15 July 2025 @ 11:36 am

Title (curently): Seiko vs Horikoshi
Characters: Ryo Nishikdo, Aya Ueto,Tatsuya Ueda, Koki Tanaka, Yuichi Nakamura, Junno Taguchi, Kazuya Kamenishi and Jin Akanishi
Warnings: Genderswitch
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama. High School

There are many love triangles and love squares in this teenage drama: Ryo x Aya, Ryo x Tatsuya, Tatsuya x Junno, Koki x Yuichi, Koki x Kazuya (friendship) Jin x Kazuya

The male characters all attended (or once attended) the all boys High School: Horikoshi High School

The female characters all attend the all girls High School: Seiko High School

The girls

Kazuya Kamenashi (female) 17 years old (K)

New transfer student in the last year of high school

Super sweet nice and smart; dedicated to her studies

A cheerleader

Favorite subjects are music and dance

Works as a assistant at a dance studio

Best friends with Koki Tanaka

Tatsuya Ueda 17 years old (U)

Ultra princess that comes from a well off upper class family

Is a fashionista that loves clothes and makeup

Her ex-boyfriend is Ryo (20)

Yuichi Nakamaru 17 years old (N)

A star basketball player, tall and thin

Studious and loves animals and nature

Not sure what she wants to do for college and career

Helps out her dad at his welding shop as much as she can

Special hidden talent: Beat Boxing

The boys

Koki Tanaka 17 years old (T)

Lives in a neighborhood close by Yuichi

Goes to a all boys school with Jin and Junnosuke (on a scholarship)

Wants to become a veterinarian

Works with his dad at his Ramen shop in the neighborhood

Best friends with Kazuya Kameneshi

Junnosuke Taguchi 17 years old (T)

The resident comedian of the group whose standard method of comedy are bad puns

Comes from a well to do family like Tatsuya, actually Junno and Tatsuya fathers are life long enemies

Is being groomed to become his father’s successor

Is very loving

Best Friend is Jin Akanishi

Jin Akanishi 17 years old (A)

Also from a well to do family

The star soccer player, has aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player

Favorite subjects are music and English

Tolerates his best friend Junnosuke Taguchi

A/N I want to say that the awesome female versions of Kame, Tatsuya and Yuichi are from the awesomely talented snow_guardian Snowy, I hope you don't mind me using your pictures for inspiration for my new story!!

Chapter: 1/2/3/4/5/6 [UPDATED 7/4/2014]/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/29/30/31/32/33/34/35/36/37/38/39/40

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20 July 2015 @ 08:23 am
I had originally answered this from kamenajin  live journal...So please answer its a fun way to get to know peoples.

quizCollapse )

I got this from kamenajin  who got it from babe_pig & kawaii_kame 
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